Buraq Services Company provides a number of services and helps fill any gaps within companies. Some of the participating industries include healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, business services, retail and e-commerce, telecom, automotive, utility companies, banking, supply chain, capacity solutions, and asset management. Following is the list of some major services we offer:

  • Information technology-enabled services (ITES) BPO: Examples include service desk analyst, production support analyst, and IT analyst.
  • Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO): Some examples include research, analysis, or Microsoft Word and Excel work. Here our resource may be capable of making low-level business decisions if they do not conflict with higher-level business policies, but those decisions may be undone easily.
  • Research process outsourcing (RPO): A subset of KPO, RPO specializes in research and analysis functions. RPO companies perform research and analysis work that supports business, investment, biotech, and marketing firms.
  • Travel: This pertains to all the operations a business needs to support its travel logistics, from reservations to hotel and vehicle bookings.

Buraq specializes in almost every field that can be outsourced and commits to better services. They may be grouped as follows:

Customer interaction services: Buraq Services Company would cover your business’s voicemail services, appointment schedules, email services, marketing program, telemarketing, surveys, payment processing, order processing, quality assurance, customer support, warranty administration, and other customer feedback.

Back-office transactions: This includes check, credit, and debit card processing; collection; receivables; direct and indirect procurement; transportation administration; logistics and dispatch; and warehouse management.

IT and software operations: These technical support functions include application development and testing, implementation services, and IT helpdesk. For example, manual data entry can be replaced with automated data capture, increasing data intake and reducing cycle time.

Finance and accounting services: These functions include billing services, accounts payable, receivables, general accounting, auditing, and regulatory compliance.

Human resource services: Buraq Services Company can help address workforce challenges. They can also cover payroll services, healthcare administration, hiring and recruitment, workforce training, insurance processing, and retirement benefits.

Knowledge services: These higher-level processes may include data analytics, data mining, data and knowledge management, and internet and web research, as well as developing an information governance program and providing the voice of customer feedback.